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Our local and global clients

Strategic Narrative

Strategic Narrative

Lufthansa Whitepaper and broschure on the topic of fuel emissions in aviation in cooperation with Google.
Two women standing next to each other and smiling, The one on the left is forming a heart with here hands.
A hand holding a MacBook laptop with the Netflix logo appearing on screen.
Brochure about Digital Confidence and learning for the future. The front page show a building in the back. The second page shows text and a graph.
Visual Storytelling

Visual Stroytelling

Neon sign in an empty and open warehouse in Berlin which says "There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind"
Women with gold silver Cartier jewelry stacking guide
Woman wearing a yellow cashmere two piece set consisting of a shirt and jacket
Woman with curly hair is shaving her face with a pink Wilkinson razor. The pink and black packaging is shown next to her.
Women wearing a powerful make up with mac products looking away from the camera. She is wearing a black dress. There is a moon behind her and make up products floating around.
Blonde woman on a magazine cover. She is dressed in black and looking into the camera.
A perfume is standing on an orange surface with a green fabric around it. The bottle of the perfume is turquoise and brown.
TThe fitness influencer Pamela Reif is posing and looking towards the camera. There is an overlay of text which advertises her fitness program.
Performance & Visibility

Performance & Visibility

Person sitting in a boat wearing a yellow jacket with mountains in the background
Woman in white jacket is holding an iPad in her hand. There are icons floating around her.
A girl is sitting in an armchair and is holding an iPad in her hand.
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