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Creating stories since 2014

Fina is headquartered in New York City but the people on our teams work remotely from hubs around the world.


We are curious. We are problem solvers. We are forward-thinking and ready to take on any challenge.

Our Locations

An antipode turns into a symbiosis


Pragmatism and precision meet bold ideas and endless opportunities.


Empowered by Fina’s German roots, we base our work on accuracy and efficacy. Settled into the clash of cultures in New York, we are right at the pulse of trends and in the center of upward conversations. We pull inspiration from the pace of New York – the city of abundance, ideas, and courageous visions. 


As a hybrid shaped by multicultural experiences and with a team based across the world, we can offer our clients unique insights for refined marketing solutions to power their business needs. 

Meet the Team

Strategists. Creatives. Thinkers. Storytellers.

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