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FINA produced the Spring Summer campaign for Garin, a female-founded cashmere label based in NYC.


Through our collaborative effort with Garin, we successfully executed a visually stunning shoot that included e-commerce assets, an editorial series, as well as social media video content. By strategically leveraging iconic locations in the Upper East Side and Central Park, we infused  high-fashion aesthetics into the visuals. We established Garin as a brand that transforms cashmere into a cool and effortless essential, capturing the attention of women across the country.


Our work played a pivotal role in elevating Garin's brand perception by emphasizing the essence of slow luxury, ultimately positioning them as a highly sought-after cashmere brand.

Art Direction I Content Creation

Woman wearing a yellow cashmere two piece set consisting of a shirt and jacket


Woman wearing a black cashmere jacket and black cashmere top
Woman wearing a blue and white striped cashmere vest


Woman is wearing a lilac cashmere vest on top of a white dress. She is wearing a belt and ballet slippers while leaning onto an arch in Central Park, New York.
Two women wearing cashmere clothes by a New York based luxury cashmere label. They are hugging and looking into the camera. One is wearing a yellow cashmere jacket. The other one is wearing a blue, green, and brown cashmere vest.
Two women are crossing Madison Avenue in New York. They are laughing and having fun. One is wearing a black cashmere jacket and shirt. The other woman is wearing a pink cashmere jacket and shirt.


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