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For Tryano's highly anticipated annual beauty week, FINA curated a captivating blend of beauty images and product shots. As Tryano, one of the biggest department stores in Abu Dhabi, sought to showcase an array of exquisite beauty offerings, we beautifully orchestrated the visual presentation and content. The result was a stunning showcase of beauty and product imagery, reflecting the essence of Tryano's renowned beauty event and captivating the audience with its aesthetic allure.

Art Direction I Content Creation

A perfume is standing on an orange surface with a green fabric around it. The bottle of the perfume is turquoise and brown.
A hand is hold a bottle of blue gucci nail polish. The fingernails are painted in the same blue color.
Women with a bold makeup is looking to the side. She is wearing a pink lipstick and here finger nails are painted blue.
Several beauty products are placed on a surface. It includes prodcuts from Tom Ford, Gucci, Aceology, La Prairie, YSL, and more. The background is blue and purple.
Several beauty products are placed on a surface. It includes La Prairie, Sensai, Sunleya. In the back there is a turquoise structure.
Several beauty products are place on a transparent surface. It includes prodcuts by Dolce and Gabana, Bobbie Brown, and YSL. The background is orange, pink, and red.
Portrait photo of two women with a strong makeup right next to each other. One is wearing and orange red lipstick. The other one a bold pink lipstick.
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