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FINA has helped Bridgemaker to enhance the overall positioning of both the company and its founder, ensuring a strong presence in the public eye. Our expertise lies in cultivating a unique personal brand, and we have been instrumental in providing professional and strategic content for Bridgemaker's founder, Henrike Luszick, on LinkedIn. Additionally, we offer valuable guidance to Bridgemaker on content creation, press engagements, and social media strategies to effectively amplify their brand messaging and engage their target audience. With our support, Bridgemaker can effectively communicate their value proposition and drive their business forward in a competitive landscape.

Consultation Brand & Press Strategy I Content Creation | Social Media Services

Blonde woman on a magazine cover. She is dressed in black and looking into the camera.


Blonde woman looking into the camera. She is dressed in all white.
Blonde woman sitting on a sofa. She is dressed in black and looking into the camera.
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